Exam Sign Up Deadline is June 8th.

The International Shintaido College (ISC) will be offering exams for the rankings of Shintaido Senior Instructor (Sei-Shihan), Karate 3-dan, and Bojutsu 3-dan and above. Please make sure your International Shintaido College dues are currently paid if you wish to to take an exam.

Please complete an application for each exam you will be taking. The application is on the ISC website and you will need your ISC member login and password to access the application. Please contact Michael De-Campo at admin@shintaido-isc.org if you need help with login issues.

After completing your application, please pay for each exam below:

Shintaido Exam $200 USD
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Bojutsu Exam $200 USD
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Karate Exam $200 USD
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Diploma Fee

Examinees who pass an exam will be able to purchase diplomas for $100 USD. The organizers would greatly appreciate it if you could plan to pay this fee in US dollars. We will not have any way to change currencies.


If you have any questions about the exam procedure, please contact Shin Aoki, Exam Coordinator at ShinAoki@aol.com.

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